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"ETI Polam at ENEX 2024
Colleagues from Poland are currently at the ENEX Fair, which is ongoing from February 7th to 8th.
Triggy Fuse: A Technological Leap in EV Battery Protection
Triggy fuse is a protection device for the electric car battery pack. It is a hybrid between a classic fuse and a pyrotechnic switch.
Project PODIFER - EFI-P4 eV
Enter Project PODIFER – a venture aimed at developing specialized RCDs for the next generation of electrical installations, aligning seamlessly with the 'European Green Transition.'
ETI Magazine Utrip
The Beat magazine is a semi-annual publication, aimed at presenting the latest Central European insights, innovations and success stories. Keep up-to-date by reading about new business solutions and technologies, partnerships with local businesses and important topics that we highlight in the region.
ETI Content Hub
Fresh electrical industry and ETI news updated daily.
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