ETI as employer



If in the past a strategic advantage of a company was its technology, it is today its manpower, its employees with their knowledge and capabilities, i.e. with all their intelectual and emotional capital, of which we are fully aware at ETI, too.

ETI is constantly looking for experts in the field electrotechnics and electronics or chemical engineering. Please send your proposals with CV to our address:

ETI Elektroelement d.o.o.,

Kadrovska služba, Obrezija 5,

1411 Izlake, Slovenia 

or via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Privileges for employees

  • additional pension insurance – the so called 2nd pension column
  • possibility of using the holiday facilities
  • possibility of recreation during the time off
  • using of periodical preventive medical examinations
  • possibility of using basic consultation on social and health rights



ETI ensures and stimulates the development of the employees capabilities by creating and assuring conditions for continuous and efficient learning, and increasing the knowledge or intelectual capital which is an essential development factor. 


Carreer growth

A special attention is paid to the growth of promising and key specialists who ensure the growth and success of the company. A special attention is also devoted to the selection and development of the future company's leaders.


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